West Bank resident rams through Ben-Gurion Airport entry, captured

Written by on September 21, 2022

An airport security guard shot toward the West Bank driver’s stolen vehicle in fear of a possible ramming attack.

Published: SEPTEMBER 22, 2022 02:23

Updated: SEPTEMBER 22, 2022 02:37

An El Al plane in Ben Gurion Airport (photo credit: REUTERS)

An El Al plane in Ben Gurion Airport

(photo credit: REUTERS)

A vehicle identified as stolen rammed through an entry to Ben Gurion Airport late on Wednesday night, the Israel Airports Authority said.

At around 01:15 a.m., a suspect drove through the entry to the airport through Israel’s Highway 1. A security guard shot toward the vehicle one time in fear of a possible ramming attack.

Travelers were escorted to an inner, more secure area of the airport by security officials as scans were carried out in search of the intruder.

The vehicle was eventually located near a gas station inside the airport complex.

Suspect captured, identified as resident of West Bank

The driver, a West Bank resident, was later found and captured by security forces at the airport, who handed the suspect to Israel Police for interrogation.

No flight was delayed or canceled as all flights scheduled for the night between Wednesday and Thursday have already taken off, the authority added. However, early Thursday morning flights may be delayed, it warned.

The circumstances behind the incident will be examined by the relevant authorities.

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