Three family members killed, one injured in Galilee shooting

Written by on June 26, 2021

A 58-year-old man and two women aged 46 and 16 were shot to death on Saturday while driving near the town of Eilabun in the Galilee. An 8-year-old girl was found outside of the car with gunshot wounds and was evacuated to the Poriah hospital in Tiberias after being treated on the scene.

Large police forces are combing the area in order to locate the suspected shooters. Simultaneously, police detectives are at the scene and are collecting evidence for the unfolding investigation. 

Initial reports indicate that the victims were residents of Ramle, who moved to the town of Deir Hanna in the lower Galilee about a month ago. Police have also indicated that the incident was connected to criminal activity.

“A girl of about 8 was outside of the car. She was extremely agitated and was suffering from penetration wounds,” said MDA paramedic Omri Hochman. “We afforded medical treatment while trying to calm her down, and then evacuated her to the hospital, alone and in moderate condition.”

The shooting comes amid protests in recent months against rising criminal activity in the Arab sector. The issue has gained national prominence as the new government under Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has pledged to make it a priority. A special committee on eradicating crime in Arab society was part of the coalition agreements with Ra’am (United Arab List).

Later on Saturday, MK Ofer Cassif (Hadash) reacted to the incident on twitter.

משפחה נטבחה. נותרה ילדה בת 9.

המשטרה חייבת להפסיק להעלים עין מהפשע המאורגן בחברה הערבית. הם יודעים איפה הנשק ומי הם ראשי הארגונים. חיסולים כאלה לא מתבצעים ספונטנית אלא בתכנון מוקדם.

את הרוצחים ושותפיהם צריך לרדוף בכל הכוח ולהבטיח שגם אזרחים ערבים יוכלו לחיות כאן בבטחה.

— Ofer Cassif עופר כסיף (@ofercass) June 26, 2021

“A family was slaughtered, and a 9 year old was left alone,” he wrote. Cassif demanded that police pursue the murderers and their accomplices, and that “the police must stop ignoring organized crime in Arab society. They know where the weapons are and who the crime bosses are. These assassinations are not spontaneous, and are planned in advance.” 

Mansour Abbas, leader of Ra’am and chair of the committee, said on Thursday that “the conflicts (in Arab society) are not only between crime organizations, they can also be between two families. Social violence and organized crime are trampling the personal security of the country’s Arab citizens, which has been neglected for years in order to save the State Treasury money.” 

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