Working from home has most likely got you worried that your career progression will stall because your hard work might not catch your supervisor’s eye. But if there is a silver lining to the ongoing lockdown, it has to be the fact that you now have more time within your workday to surf the internet. […]

Employers who have embraced remote working find doing business internationally easier, save on office operations cost and experience increased productivity among other benefits. For remote teams to succeed, however, building a positive working culture is critical. A work culture is made of behaviors, attitudes, values, beliefs, policies, practices, mission, and goals among other aspects of […]

You have to get immersed deeply in your everyday tasks and projects if you are to gain work experience, earn promotions, and grow professionally. But then, the more you strive to prove your competence, the more the responsibilities you are tasked with. Professional growth aside, sometimes you might be too desperate for job stability that […]

Beth Troy is an American educator who teaches courses in Creativity + Innovation and Women & Entrepreneurship at Miami University. Beth Troy used to hold life and dreams in separate hands. For years, she just thought her life would have to look completely different before my dreams could happen. Then she took a leap of […]

In John 6 Jesus miraculously fed five thousand hungry mouths with five loaves and two fish. That same crowd hunted Jesus around the countryside and found him the next day. And in that second encounter, Jesus took the opportunity to teach them the distinction between bread that perishes (like they got the day before), and bread […]


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