No church burnings, businesses pummeled by glass bottles, no violent protests by Conservatives fumed by the theft of an election. Why? Many will not fall such instances of herd mentality and hate. Perhaps, we are more mentally balanced? “It’s fairly certain that armed conflict is inevitable,” says Conservative Firing Line. But not from the Right. […]

Sometimes a simple act can pack a big punch. With many police officers facing unprecedented threats today, one person made a difference with a simple note. Officer Aaron walked out to his squad car with a cup of Joe one day to find a Dunkin’ Donuts napkin on the windshield. “Praying God’s protection over you—today […]

Wrecked by rioting and unrest following the shooting of Jacob Blake by police, the city of Kenosha is in desperate need of rebuilding, said Rich Villarreal, discipleship and teaching pastor of Redeemer Parkside church, located near downtown Kenosha. Villarreal said members and leaders of Redeemer Parkside are working to engage and rebuild the community in […]


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