In less than a year, one doctor in California has raised enough money via social media to free 1,125 slaves in Sudan. Dr. Mark Girguis is a member of the Coptic Orthodox Church (the Orthodox Church of Egypt) and an active lay member involved in Bible studies, men’s groups, and youth ministry. When he heard […]

What happens when you voice an opinion that others object to? Well, you can lose a job, friends, and or get booted out of college.  Canadian medical student Rafael Zaki encountered the assault against free speech first-hand. He was sequentially suspended, then expelled from the University of Manitoba’s College of Medicine in 2019 after posting […]

christian Solidarity International President Dr. John Eibner says a town known as Shushi, Nagorno Karabakh, has been effectively cleansed of its Armenian christian population in the past two months. Since late September 2020, Islamic forces from Azerbaijan have desecrated the region, which has long been a self-declared independent satellite of neighboring Armenia. More than 100,000 […]

The grossest human rights violations perpetrated by the North Korean (DPRK) government are disclosed in the testimonies of North Korean nationals who have survived the escape from their home nation. In the past, the DPRK’s primary tactic towards international accountability over human rights abuses has been silence. However, more recently, they have changed their strategy […]

Home » christian Leaders Urge Prayer for Nigeria’s Forgotten Victims Their pleas for government help falling on deaf ears, christian leaders issued calls for prayer this month as Islamic extremist groups continued terrorizing northeast Nigeria. In the wake of attacks and kidnappings by Islamic extremist group Boko Haram and its offshoot Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), leaders of the […]

christian Solidarity International, a human rights NGO campaigning for religious freedom and human dignity, is asking for prayer for christian Armenians now under attack by Turkish-Azerbaijani forces. The attacks have been especially targeted at Nagorno-Karabakh, a tiny region in the Caucuses inhabited by 150,000 christian Armenians. CSI’s International President, Dr. John Eibner, labeled the assault “a […]

Muslim Fulani herdsmen continue their attacks on Nigerian Christians, killing 10 on July 24 and another 37 in Kaduna state in the first half of August. Two pastors, a 5-year-old boy, a 16-year-old girl, and a father of nine number among the 47 killed. Bulus Joseph, the 48-year-old father of nine, was gruesomely murdered on […]

A court in Lahore, Pakistan (Sept. 8) sentenced a christian to death over charges that he allegedly sent “blasphemous” text messages to a Muslim colleague seven years ago, his lawyer said. Asif Pervaiz, a 37-year-old father of four, has been in jail for seven years since he was charged with blasphemy in October 2013 after […]

Muslim extremists beat a christian woman unconscious in Isiolo, Kenya, and attacked her brother and sister in ongoing persecution of the family for their faith. Twenty-one-year-old Fozia, whose surname was withheld from news reports to protect her family, was hospitalized for two days. Her siblings also sustained injuries in the attack. After a police report […]

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) says China is “growing into a respectable nation,” despite humanitarian violations and the persecution of both Christians and Muslims. “We hold China as a potential trading partner, as a country that has pulled tens of millions of people out of poverty in a short period of time, and as a country […]


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