“What? Those kids are moving up, and we’re…mmm…not?” “Just for now until your toddler is 100 percent potty trained,” the school director said. Maybe I can travel to the moon to meet an astronaut, I thought to myself going to the car as this potty training is a battle not yet won. Between us moms […]

Schools across the nation need not have every teacher on staff vaccinated against the coronavirus in order to safely reopen to students, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said this week. Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky explained on Wednesday that there is “increasing data” to suggest the schools can safely reopen without having all […]

Children need to be back in school. They need to be at school. They’re hurting and they’re falling behind. Scores of dedicated, loving parents have been doing their level best to remain calm, to help their children learn in the home setting, to adapt and adjust to new routines and rituals during this difficult time. […]


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