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“What? Those kids are moving up, and we’re…mmm…not?” “Just for now until your toddler is 100 percent potty trained,” the school director said. Maybe I can travel to the moon to meet an astronaut, I thought to myself going to the car as this potty training is a battle not yet won. Between us moms […]

Every now and then, you watch a movie that makes a point the director likely didn’t even intend. My wife and I were watching such a film a few months ago in which a teacher asked a group of elementary school students to list one word describing the “spirit” of Christmas. I was begging for […]

There is a lot of work involved in taking care of a house. Most of this work falls squarely on the shoulder of the mom in the household. It was discovered in a recent survey that just 20 percent of men performed housework compared to 49 percent of women on a given day. This large […]

The stats are sobering. According to the American Psychological Association, the average age of a child’s first exposure to pornography is 13-years-old, with some seeing it as young as five. According to another survey, 42 percent of children have been cyber-bullied, and more than a third have been actively threatened online. One in five 12-year-olds […]

For parents facing uncertain school schedules, new ways of working and concerns about the health and safety of their families, life in a pandemic is stressful enough. Add in the potential for children to feel overwhelmed or unable to cope with the unfamiliar and many families feel they are in no-win situations. Keeping children home […]

Are you worried that your children do not like learning as much as you would want them to? Is their disinterest in learning hurting their grades? Are you trying to figure out how you can motivate them to engage in learning, both in mainstream learning and general-knowledge skills?  Well, if you checked all the boxes, […]

I’ll readily admit I’m one of the more “senior” moms at the local playground (please note, I said senior, not senior citizen). With a God-given late addition to our family, I’m a preschool mom pushing 50. Yes, it even hurts to type that. One of the casualties of aging is a bit of gray hair. […]

I still remember when Papa Johns came to my hometown. Man, I loved their pizza. Still do. And I loved that it became the pizza of choice for my church’s youth group… But counting on pizza for the success of any youth group is banking on the wrong papa. According to the best available data, […]

No way. That would be a “holy no” on the homeschooling front. Then, boom, perhaps — splat, we had no alternative when the Coronavirus hit the nation. Schools closed the rest of the year and we were tasked with homeschooling. Some parents were comfortable with homeschooling, and then there were those overwhelmed by pulling their […]


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