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Joe Amable-Amo is a bank executive and former amateur golfer struggling with his faith after an unexpected tragedy in the new film “Walking With Herb.” Faced with doubts about himself, his purpose, and his belief in God, Joe is stunned when God tells him that he’s been chosen to inspire the world and play in […]

Sam Bloom was a smiling, energetic mom of three in 2013 who was living the so-called good life. She had reached her childhood goal of becoming a nurse. Her husband was successful in his profession. They were traveling the world.   Then tragedy struck one day while on vacation. Bloom was posing for a photograph at […]

Because there’s never been a more powerful way to fulfill ‘The Great Commission” than by investing in christian film and TV production, CNJ is bringing you the “Excellent Artist” series. Did you hear the one about the sci-fi musical with catchy christian show tunes? If you’re saying to yourself, I know those words, but never […]

The following is the third installment in the CNJ series on the hit crime drama, Vindication. Venus Monique, lead actress on the hit crime drama Vindication, is a powerhouse on every level and she’s not slowing down. She is the founder of Personal Powerhouse, a company that helps guide young adults into adulthood with easy-to-follow video […]

Even if 2020 was the worst year in recent history, it still produced dozens of inspiring and entertaining movies families can enjoy — including documentaries, dramas and comedies. Here are the 10 best ones, in no order: I Still Believe (PG) — A young couple, fresh off their honeymoon, see their faith tested when one […]

Editor’s note: This monthly series, “5 Family-Friendly Things,” spotlights five family-friendly entertainment choices on film, DVDs, streaming or television. The phrase “family-friendly” — as every parent knows — is subjective. The film your neighbor says is fine for the children might not be so family-friendly in your home. Such is the case with the new […]

If you’re looking for a little vindication these days, and let’s face it, who’s not? On November 21, the first half of Season 2 of the hit crime drama Vindication, what many are calling the hottest show in Christendom, just wrapped. Some believers in media production say this episodic faith-based series by director/writer Jarod O’Flaherty, which chronicles the life […]

Remember the days of live-action family-friendly musicals — when classics like Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang dominated the big screen? Thankfully, such films are no longer relics of the past. Netflix’s Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (PG) is the latest live-action musical to target families, joining Beauty and the […]

AppleTV will preserve a holiday tradition as the Peanuts holiday specials return to national broadcast television after all, ad-free, on PBS and PBS Kids.  The company, which owns the rights to Charles Schultz’s beloved Peanuts, announced that they rescinded their original plan to show the Peanuts specials A CHARLIE BROWN THANKSGIVING and A CHARLIE BROWN CHRISTMAS exclusively […]

The actor and country music chart-topper will perform concerts and offer exclusive screenings of “Stand On It” at select drive-in theaters through December. Actor, filmmaker and country music chart-topper John Schneider will premiere his new movie, Stand On It, at drive-in events throughout the south in November and December. Schneider wrote, directed and stars in the film, which is a tribute […]


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