After one North Dakota farmer suffered a heart attack, neighbors rallied to save the 1,000-acre harvest. Lane Unhjem, 57, was operating his farm when abruptly smoke billowed from the combine harvester. Working to put the fire out, he went into cardiac arrest. Unhjem was sent to a trauma center in Minot, N.D., and is in stable […]

I visibly cringe every time the word “civility” is used around me. I hate it. On the face of it, “civility” is one of those things that everyone supports – like “patriotism” or “family” or “honor.” But our civility is often limited to whether or not we agree with the other person. As a follower […]

Mia Villa, 3, is a cookie connoisseur and is using her expertise to bless frontline workers. The little chef bakes and delivers chocolate chip cookies to hospital staff, supermarket employees, veterinarians, fire and police departments in New York through Mia’s Cookie Jar. “The world was feeling down and we needed some kindness,” mom Devin Villa […]

It’s not every day you encounter exceptional customer service. A Chick-fil-A employee from North Carolina is not only blessing customers with his fantastic smile — he’s making the Oleander Drive location in Wilmington, an experience they will never forget. Customer Toya Liles took a video of Jeremiah Murrill, 20, taking her order car-side. Despite the […]

Sonja Nixon Frazier usually works the nightshift but came into work for a few hours on August 12 to help her manager, according to However, when she and her coworkers noticed their drive-thru line had stopped, they knew something was wrong. “One of my managers looked on the camera and saw a car was parked the wrong way. […]

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