christian actor Stephen Baldwin shared how his relationship with Christ gave him true satisfaction. “My life before Christ was focused on making money,” the 54-year-old actor said in his “I Am Second video. “My life before Christ was a totally day-in and day-out existence that was–unbeknownst to me at the time–an existence of self-absorbance. “[I […]

Long ago, about 2000 years, when King Herod ruled Judea (now part of Israel), God sent the angel Gabriel to a young women who lived in the northern town of Nazareth. The girl’s name was Mary and she was engaged to marry Joseph. The angel Gabriel said to Mary: “Peace be with you! God has […]

The Sermon on the Mount offers us a precious lesson in practical ministry in understanding the importance of being the salt and light of the earth. “Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savor, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast […]

I grew up in churches, but truthfully, most churches I was exposed to turned me against Jesus more than draw me toward Him. Personally, it wasn’t until my 40s when Angus Buchan from South Africa and Allen Jackson from World Outreach Church introduced me to the person of Jesus. I learned more about the living […]

Most people you meet today in cultural society have no biblical understanding regarding the nature of Christ. Christology is not an esoterically abstract concept but rather fundamentally simplistic. However, the importance of explicitly addressing the uniquely divine situation requires articulate exegetical insight revealed in scripture. Christ was all God and all man all of the […]

Reaching people with the gospel and sharing Jesus has never been more critical than it is now. Global Media Outreach (GMO) is working to become the bridge so many need by utilizing technology to introduce people to Jesus and to God’s word. Their newest campaign, called “Something Better,” is extraordinary. GMO collaborated with internationally renowned […]

You know that thing that’s keeping you up at night? That stress you feel from a strained friendship? That crippling anxiety that floods your mind no matter how many deep breaths you take? Did you know that Jesus cares about that? Jesus sees you when you jerk awake at night in a panic, when you’re […]

Coronavirus-related lockdowns have limited personal contact for organizations that minister to students, but Dallas-Fort Worth Youth For Christ is finding creative ways to serve at-risk Texas teens. Michael’s mom contacted YFC just after the pandemic hit, seeking help for her son whom she felt was starting down a “wrong path.” “We immediately provided a mentor […]

Did you have fun as a kid with your siblings?  Argue with them as adults?  Were your parents imperfect or absent?  Did your grandparents dote on you?  Got any family secrets? Do any childhood wounds still need healing?  If any of this is true about you, you may feel right at home watching “When We Last […]

It could feel like days. The struggling thoughts, moods, not wanting sunlight to hit your face. When life’s tragic events bring a swift gut-wrenching punch, people quickly build a prison of seclusion. Many people in the Bible also struggled emotionally. Here are five leaders in the Bible, who also suffered. King David used worship, writing […]


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