Dr. John Wynn I was on my way to church one Sunday when I heard in my spirit, “I’ve given you media, music, and publishing and you’ve done nothing with it.” I became extremely overwhelmed because that was when I realized I allowed my fears to take hold of my purpose and dreams. The very […]

Stress and anxiety are all too familiar to many Americans, this year especially, and the added pressure of the holiday season may provide a new set of challenges. Practicing self-care and nurturing your mental health can help you navigate these potentially isolating times, especially if you’re tackling this season single. With so many other demands […]

Every now and then, you watch a movie that makes a point the director likely didn’t even intend. My wife and I were watching such a film a few months ago in which a teacher asked a group of elementary school students to list one word describing the “spirit” of Christmas. I was begging for […]

The Yuletide season is approaching, and many people are probably planning how to spend their breaks and holidays at various locations. Most people only get to have vacations once a year, and that time of the year is gradually approaching. Vacations this year might not be what we have previously known it to be, all […]

“THE CHRISTMAS CANDLE” shares the story of the Victorian English village of Gladbury. Legend has it that every 25 years, an angel visits the local candlemaker and touches a single candle, and whoever lights that candle receives a miracle on Christmas eve. But in 1890, at the beginning of the electric age, the legend may […]

Too many local governments have disappointed our children this year, and the latest edict out of L.A. County—“revised” a bit after some pushback—proves no exception. On top of everything else that’s been going on, health authorities recently announced that traditional Halloween trick-or-treating this October would be cancelled, essentially, along with masquerade parades and haunted house […]


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