It could feel like days. The struggling thoughts, moods, not wanting sunlight to hit your face. When life’s tragic events bring a swift gut-wrenching punch, people quickly build a prison of seclusion. Many people in the Bible also struggled emotionally. Here are five leaders in the Bible, who also suffered. King David used worship, writing […]

Sometimes we forget just how powerful prayer is. Praying draws us closer to God and gives us the strength to face life’s challenges. When we communicate with God, we defeat the evil thoughts that cloud our hearts and minds. When temptations win and mistakes are made, turning to God is our best chance at healing […]

Noted Faith Leader, Author of the Compelling New Book ‘Focus on the Future,’ Shares Candid Fixes at a Time of ‘Crisis’ Talk about laying it on the line at such a fractured, frenzied time in our culture. Talk about nailing a problem on the head so that it can be fully, honestly, and immediately addressed. […]


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