gender assignment

One trick of LGBT activists is changing the meaning of words. We see this in the way LGBT activists celebrate sex reassignment as gender affirmation but condemn conversion therapy as sex reassignment. Let’s imagine there is a 6-year-old boy named Johnny and Johnny experiences gender dysphoria. He says he wants to be a girl. The […]

The human race is divided into two sexes, male and female. This basic scientific truth has been under increasing attack. Anyone who dares express belief in this obvious truth quickly becomes the target of “cancel culture.” Even those who are liberal in their political views, like Women’s Liberation Front or cultural icons like J.K. Rowling […]

Peter Sprigg, Senior Fellow for Policy Studies at Family Research Council, spent the last two nights testifying in opposition to a proposed municipal ordinance in Anchorage, Alaska, No. AO 202-65, which would make it unlawful for any professional counselor to engage in sexual orientation or gender identity change efforts (SOCE or GICE) with a patient […]


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