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“What? Those kids are moving up, and we’re…mmm…not?” “Just for now until your toddler is 100 percent potty trained,” the school director said. Maybe I can travel to the moon to meet an astronaut, I thought to myself going to the car as this potty training is a battle not yet won. Between us moms […]

A healthy relationship is fulfilling and provides a safe refuge when faced with life’s discouragements. However, building and maintaining a healthy relationship requires time, effort and commitment. If you are wondering how to build a healthy relationship, the following tips will be helpful. 1.      Practice good communication Good communication is a key ingredient for a […]

I’ll readily admit I’m one of the more “senior” moms at the local playground (please note, I said senior, not senior citizen). With a God-given late addition to our family, I’m a preschool mom pushing 50. Yes, it even hurts to type that. One of the casualties of aging is a bit of gray hair. […]


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