California Senator Brian Jones (R-Escondido) introduced Senate Bill 397, the “Religion is Essential Act,” on Feb. 12. The bill would order state and local governments to treat religious groups as “essential” during pandemics.  California Senator introduces Senate Bill 397, or “Religion is Essential Act,” requiring governor to treat religious services as essential in emergencies. SB […]

In an exclusive interview with christian News Journal, Stacy Washington—host of “Stacy on the Right” on SiriusXM Patriot Channel 125, co-chair of Black Voices for Trump, and board member of Veterans for Trump—said that during the most trying times over the past year, she prayed to God to change her and help her. “And He […]

Filled with powerful stories of men and women in the public eye who have broken the barriers of divorce, addiction, racism, abuse, miscarriage, shame and more, I Found Love: True Stories of Discovering Love, Belonging and Friendship, will release from the global storytelling organization I Am Second. I Found Love is authored by Doug Bender, […]

Tracie Griggs says one of her biggest burdens this year has been this — for parents and grandparents to know their children can still be missional even when life isn’t normal. Griggs, minister to children at Twelfth Street Baptist Church, Rainbow City, is one of many who has had to switch gears over the past […]

Who do you want to see begin a relationship with God this year? Whether it is someone you know or a burden you have for people in your community, opportunities to share the Gospel are all around you. Sometimes, we just have to open our eyes. Jesus connected with people every day. He began conversations […]

In an exclusive interview with christian News Journal for its new video series, “Three Questions,” Franklin Graham—president of Samaritan’s Purse and one of our nation’s most prominent faith leaders—said that while times may change and situations may change, “God doesn’t change.” That is a beauty and a blessing—and all Christians must stay true to God’s […]

In an exclusive interview with christian News Journal for its new video series, “Three Questions,” evangelist and Founder of Samaritan’s Purse’s Franklin Graham talks exclusively with editor Corine Gatti-Santillo on remaining committed to the principles of liberty — urging Christians to shift their focus on God during these trying times. Says Graham, “Our hope is in Him. […]

Southern Baptist “Top Gun” Richard Toliver found freedom in the cockpit, from which he had dodged missiles and anti-aircraft fire while flying 446 combat missions in Southeast Asia during his twenty-six-year Air Force career.  He also battled racism. Toliver’s idyllic childhood was spent in multi-racial California—“paradise,” as he remembers it—during the early 1940s. He dreamed […]

When it comes to our charge as believers in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to spread His Gospel throughout the earth, we rightfully object to censorship of that message. It is a rhetoric of love, not hate speech as some might claim. However, those freedoms are in jeopardy because of the behaviors of some […]

No doubt about it: 2020 got our attention. As the world fell apart around us it revealed the cracks in the façade of our life. Partly it’s about money. Some of us lost jobs or had hours cut, but even those who didn’t felt the fragility and uncertainty of our financial circumstances like a gut […]


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