I used to be a Democrat before being saved. I remember watching pro-life demonstrations on television, seeing images of babies, and being told by the the political party, my rights as a woman would be in dire straits if I didn’t keep them in office. If I and many pro-choice people had an opportunity to […]

July 31, 2020, was like any other night, so David Drum, the founder of J17 Ministries, thought before going to bed for the evening. Except God never sleeps and in an exceptional moment — Drum received an urgent request from the Lord. He was directed, “Get up and write this down.” He was instantly awakened and […]

Shannon Jackson is more than a beautiful face and an inspirational firebrand. She’s intelligent, loves the Lord and is a Registered Nurse, Public Health Nurse and a Certified Life Coach. However, it is not just her striking resume that sparks interest — it’s her love of serving the communities of Los Angeles that we also […]


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