How can we share our faith when states are on lockdown and personal contact is prohibited? Evangelism is still very possible, and even more necessary, when we are confined to our homes. People are more willing to talk about spiritual things in times of crisis. After September 11, 2001, church attendance soared with people searching […]

Otis Corbitt says years ago, God put a passion for soldiers in his heart. And over the years, he has seen God’s purpose in that. For the past three years, he has served as senior chaplain for the Alabama Army National Guard, and in September 2019, he got promoted to full colonel. In those roles, […]

In Ramer, Ala., Sampey Memorial Baptist Church launched a new campaign to share Jesus. The Holy Spirit is taking it national, and it all began with a simplistic yard sign to remind people they were/are not alone during the coronavirus lockdown. “We just decided we would start a campaign for Jesus, so people could see […]


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