COVID-19 restrictions

California Senator Brian Jones (R-Escondido) introduced Senate Bill 397, the “Religion is Essential Act,” on Feb. 12. The bill would order state and local governments to treat religious groups as “essential” during pandemics.  California Senator introduces Senate Bill 397, or “Religion is Essential Act,” requiring governor to treat religious services as essential in emergencies. SB […]

Children need to be back in school. They need to be at school. They’re hurting and they’re falling behind. Scores of dedicated, loving parents have been doing their level best to remain calm, to help their children learn in the home setting, to adapt and adjust to new routines and rituals during this difficult time. […]

President Joe Biden will re-impose a travel ban on most non-American citizens entering the country from the UK, Brazil and South Africa, White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced on Monday afternoon. Psaki said the move was needed “as we see faster-spreading variants emerging across the world.” The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported the […]

Any Congress member who does not wear a mask will be fined, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi proposed on Tuesday after being locked down with GOP colleagues who refused to wear masks during the attack of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. First offenders will pay a fine of $500. Second-time offenders will dish $2,500 in fines. All […]

During a time of major cultural upheaval, it may not be all that shocking to learn of the proposed actions being considered by local, state, and federal lawmakers across the country: that the celebration of the birth of Christ be cancelled in America this year due to COVID-19 restrictions. “To even suggest a cancellation of […]

What just happened? The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit unanimously ruled that Nevada COVID-19 restrictions holding churches to a different standard than casinos and other entertainment venues are unconstitutional. Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak’s regulations limit houses of worship to either 25 percent capacity or 50 people, whichever is fewer. In contrast, the […]

Almost all Americans celebrate Christmas, but most say COVID-19 will cause some changes to their usual holiday habits. A new study from Nashville-based LifeWay Research found 93% of American adults say they celebrate Christmas. That number is essentially unchanged from a decade ago when 91% said the same in a 2010 LifeWay Research survey. While Catholics (98%) and […]


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