Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito rebuked the restrictions put in place by California and Nevada as a conspicuous disregard for the First Amendment for their coronavirus worship restrictions. He further criticized his colleagues for not considering two lawsuits during the summer where two churches fought state coronavirus worship restrictions. “If you go to Nevada, you […]

After a few years of economic optimism, pastors say the 2020 economy is hurting their congregation. According to a new survey from Nashville-based LifeWay Research, almost half of U.S. Protestant pastors (48%) say the current economy is negatively impacting their church, including 5% who say the impact is very negative. Around 1 in 6 (15%) believe […]

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey extended Alabama’s current Safer At Home state public health order, which includes the statewide mask ordinance, through Friday, Oct. 2. Ivey said she hadn’t gotten a lot of pushback on the current mask mandate and said the numbers show the order is working. “We’re making a lot of progress,” she said. […]

When it comes to global Coronavirus aid, Christians and other religious minorities worldwide are being forced to decide: give up your faith or let your family starve. Open Doors USA, a religious freedom watchdog, reports that Christians in Bangladesh, India, Ethiopia, Malaysia, Sudan, Vietnam, and elsewhere are excluded from food and medical relief distribution in order […]

Lorenzo Liberti, 15, is hand-carving American flags to sell while donating the money to help others, ABC Action News reports. With nothing to do this summer, his dad suggested, “I find a DIY project to keep me occupied. One thing led to another and with a few modifications I created a unique wooden American flag. It looked so cool […]


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