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I picked up the phone in my kitchen to make a call, but before I could dial, I heard the voice of my next-door neighbor. She was already in conversation with another person. It was a glitch, a hitch. It was crosstalk.  This was long after the time of party calls, by the way—and long […]

Does anyone else look forward to curling up by the Christmas tree and balancing a cup of cocoa while turning on the TV for yet another Hallmark Christmas movie? I have to confess that while I’ve been known to enjoy a Hallmark movie or two, I’m actually a bit of a Scrooge when it comes these flicks. […]

While the nation is still deciding who is truly the next president, the iVoterGuide (iVoterGuide) team is encouraging believers to celebrate the christian election wins of November 2020. “Don’t fall prey to the Left’s ‘victory dance’ or uninformed ‘doom and gloom’ by conservative friends,” said iVoterGuide president, Debbie Wuthnow. “In politics, you seize what ground you can . . . and build […]

Crows are pretty clever creatures. This is part of the reason they figure so prominently in mythology as messengers and tricksters. Crows are smart, as far as animals go. Their problem-solving abilities are impressive, as long as the problem being tackled has to do with food (which is the key factor of the whole “as far as […]

Have you ever wondered why some “Christians” support the Democrat Party? Here are the top five reasons – No. 5 is probably the top reason why. While there, make sure to subscribe to Pastor Shane’s YouTube channel to receive weekly topics (everything from politics to theology, and yes, they can go together.  We are LIVE-STREAMING […]


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