Children need to be back in school. They need to be at school. They’re hurting and they’re falling behind. Scores of dedicated, loving parents have been doing their level best to remain calm, to help their children learn in the home setting, to adapt and adjust to new routines and rituals during this difficult time. […]

Nearly 30 million children in the United States rely on school meals for a significant portion of their daily nutrition. Since the start of the pandemic, the number of food-insecure children has increased 20% to 1 in 4. Although many schools are operating remote or hybrid models, most are still open full-time for feeding students. […]

Are you worried that your children do not like learning as much as you would want them to? Is their disinterest in learning hurting their grades? Are you trying to figure out how you can motivate them to engage in learning, both in mainstream learning and general-knowledge skills?  Well, if you checked all the boxes, […]

The Sheepfold opened their doors to homeless, abused and forsaken women with children in October 1979. Since that time thousands of women and their children have found shelter, safe refuge and a new beginning in life as a result of the Sheepfold ministry. Recognizing that only God can heal a wounded soul, change pain and […]

A pressing concern like a global pandemic can quickly overshadow other important health challenges facing families. One is the issue of childhood obesity, a problem the slower pace of life brought on by COVID-19 could exacerbate. Numerous cardiovascular and mental health risks are associated with childhood obesity, and many experts expect to see increases in […]

I need to begin today’s Daily Article with an admission: I will not see the movie I am going to criticize today. Critics of what I am about to say will note that fact. But I doubt they would say that I need to contract cancer to warn you not to contract cancer. The film Cuties is currently available […]

Editor’s note: This monthly series, “5 Family-Friendly Things,” spotlights five family-friendly entertainment choices on film, DVDs, streaming or television You may not smash your smartphone after watching Netflix’s newest hit documentary, but if you do, I won’t blame you. Titled The Social Dilemma (PG-13),it interviews former Silicon Valley insiders and reveals how Facebook, Twitter, Instagram […]

What gives you hope? Our ultimate hope is eternal life in Christ, and that is the best answer to that question. But there are human analogs for ultimate hope – light in the darkness, the protection of a hen for her chicks, a land of milk and honey, the bosom of Abraham, and so on. […]

Jesus said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” -Matthew 18:3 Children can see and accept things that, as jaded adults, we may find more challenging. I think children can help us accept the glories of creation. Sometimes, I find that amazing […]

Leaders of 16 evangelical organizations signed a letter to President Trump’s daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump Aug. 24, asking her to leverage her influence in the Trump administration to protect unaccompanied migrant children from the dangers of child trafficking. “As Christians who believe the biblical truth that each human life is made in the image of God […]


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