President Donald Trump said he will never concede after witnessing the “most corrupt election in American political history,”— regardless of the General Services Administration giving the go-ahead to Joe Biden to begin a transition to the White House on Monday. This will give Biden access to national security briefings. Biden said in an exclusive interview with […]

Michigan election officials certified Democrat Joe Biden’s 154,000-vote win on Monday in the state despite President Donald Trump’s challenge to the 2020 election. The state’s 16 electoral votes will go to Biden. There were two Republicans and two Democrats, who confirmed the results on a 3-0 vote with one abstention. Trump met with Michigan GOP […]

It is not over yet. On Monday night, the Arizona vote shows the gap between the two presidential candidates contracting further, Town Hall reported. Trump took 49.2% of 6,495 votes that were posted in Maricopa County at 7 p.m. on Monday, with Biden taking 47%. That was far short of what Trump needed. To overtake […]

Lochel’s Bakery’s Cookie Poll in Pennsylvania has President Donald Trump dominating Joe Biden. The news is that he has a much bigger margin over Biden, than he had over Hillary Clinton in 2016. “If the winner was chosen today, from our poll, Donald Trump would blow it out of the water,” bakery owner Kathleen Lochel […]

President Donald Trump pledges to boycott the virtual debate with former Vice-President Joe Biden scheduled for Oct. 15. “Not wasting my time with a virtual event,” Trump told Fox Business News after the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) announced the second presidential debate would take the form of a town meeting, in which the candidates […]


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