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In a straightforward and compelling new piece, Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) makes the case that “with only 31 words, the Pledge of Allegiance is one of the most powerful expressions of unity among fellow Americans.” And unity, the congressman adds, “is in short supply in this country these days.” Buck’s remarks appear in a new […]

All Americans should wish President Joe Biden well. To do otherwise would be churlish and self-defeating. It beggars belief, though, that one of his first intended acts was for his White House to take down the report issued Monday by the 1776 Commission, and on his first day as president, to disband the commission. Is that really […]

With the post-presidential election chaos looming over America, and regardless of the ultimate outcome of the White House— we need to continue to be a light in politics. America will remain great as faithful followers of Christ remain the salt of the earth, not folding into apathy during political burnout. If the past election taught […]

The United States is in crisis. We are witnessing unprecedented events that may seem a little surreal to most of the people in America. Our national problems are so big and have happened so quickly that most people cannot even get their minds around the issues, much less contemplate viable solutions. We are at a […]

“O God, merciful and compassionate, who art ever ready to hear the prayers of those who put their trust in thee; Graciously hearken to us who call upon thee, and grant us thy help in this our need; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.” – A Prayer in Time of Calamity The United States faces a […]

“The 2020 election is not about personalities, parties, or even politics. It is an election to determine the dominant worldview in America,” researcher and bestselling author Dr. George Barna says in his recent findings from the American Worldview Inventory 2020. According to Barna, who is leading the research project for the Cultural Research Center at Arizona christian […]


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