Sleeping with a partner better, healthier than sleeping alone – study

Written by on June 12, 2022

Have trouble sleeping? If so, sleeping alone likely isn’t helping, according to a new study suggesting that people who sleep with a partner tend to sleep better than those snoozing solo.

The findings of this study, published by researchers from the University of Arizona in the peer-reviewed academic journal Sleep, explored the benefits of sleeping with someone else, as well as the exceptions.


Sleeping is very important for the human body, as anyone who has gone a sufficient amount of time without sleep can attest to it. It recharges our metaphorical internal batteries, keeps our mind feeling refreshed and has significant benefits on one’s physical and mental health and well-being.

Likewise, a lack of sleep is linked to overall detriments for physical and mental health.

ADULTS SHOULD aim for seven to nine hours, and older adults should aim for seven to eight hours. (credit: DREAMSTIME/TNS)

Indeed, poor sleep habits lead to an increased risk of a number of chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and more.

But while many people will voice a preference for sleeping with a partner for any number of reasons, there hadn’t been a proper study into the benefits sleeping with someone has for one’s health.

The study

In researching sleeping habits, the researchers analyzed data of 1,007 working-age adults from Pennsylvania.

This data was evaluated in a number of ways, with a number of tools such as the Insomnia Severity Index and the Fatigue Severity Scale. All of this was used to measure the many aspects of sleep health, such as duration (how long one sleeps for), sleep latency (how long it takes to fall asleep after getting into bed) and more, as well as overall sleep satisfaction.

Several variables were naturally taken into account. Age, sex, income, education and race/ethnicity were all factored in. But also factored in were which kind of sleep partners were used, specifically if one slept with a partner/spouse, child, pet or another family member.

The findings

Overall, sleeping with a partner or spouse was found to vastly improve one’s sleep.

Insomnia was much less severe, sleep tended to be longer, fatigue was lessened and there was less risk of sleep apnea. 

In addition, sleeping with a partner or spouse also saw far less stress alongside lower levels of depression and anxiety. It also saw a boost in life and relationship satisfaction.

By contrast, those sleeping alone suffered greater insomnia, more fatigue and sleepiness and a greater risk of sleep apnea. This is in addition to greater stress, depression, anxiety and satisfaction.

Life in lockdown: Chiara Zuddas, 31, sleeps in bed cuddling her daughter, two-year-old Bianca Toniolo, at home in San Fiorano, one of the original ‘red zone’ towns in northern Italy that has been extended to the whole country (credit: MARZIO TONIOLO/VIA REUTERS)

But surprisingly, sleeping with a child was found to be even worse.

In fact, overall, sleeping with a child was linked to more stress, greater sleep apnea risk and insomnia.


Sleep is important and, odds are, most people aren’t getting enough of it.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), at least a third of adults don’t sleep enough.

In Israel, a 2017 survey by the Central Bureau of Statistics found that nearly half of respondents slept less than seven hours a day – making Israel one of the most notable sleep-deprived countries.

According to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society, adults between the ages of 18 and 60 ideally need at least seven hours.

In other words, sleep is important for your health, so you might be better off finding someone to sleep with so you can snooze away soundly and healthily. 

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