Online event marks 101 years since San Remo Conference

Written by on April 28, 2021

An online event was held for the 101st anniversary of the San Remo Conference, inviting MKs, diplomats, academic and activists to celebrate the conference that established the Mandate for Palestine, and subsequent Balfour Declaration which established a home for the Jewish People in Israel.

Pro-Israel advocacy groups Im Tirtzu, Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights and the Zionist Organization of America hosted the event which held talks, discussions and greetings from leading Jewish figures.

Speakers such as former MK and IDF Maj. Gen. Uzi Dayan, Israeli Consul General in Toronto Galit Baram, international law experts Professor Eugene Kontorovich and Professor Avi Bell, Im Tirtzu Board Chairman Douglas Altabef and ZOA president Morton Klein, each gave their own speeches.

“The San Remo Conference is maybe the most unknown conference in Israel,” said Dayan. “But because it’s so meaningful to the Zionist movement and because it was a point of no return for the rebuilding of the Jewish state, it’s important to remember it.

“But it’s not enough to remember, you have to do something about it.”  

Additionally, greeting were heard by Speaker of the Knesset Yariv Levin, former Israeli ambassador to the UN Danny Danon and MK Simcha Rothman.

It is essential to speak about our past in order to secure our future,” said Danon. “It is important to speak about the San Remo Conference, which codified our international rights to the Land of Israel.”

Levin added that he has no doubt that thanks to your work, the Jewish People in Israel and around the world will have a better understanding of the historic significance of the conference and its implications today.”

Considering the San Remo Conference is quite unknown, activists and academics at the online event called for further education on the matter so that the younger generation is aware of the actions that led to the state of Israel.

“The State of Israel and the education system have a responsibility, as well as parents and educators, to provide information about the San Remo Conference and the fundamental role it plays in the history of Zionism and the history of the State of Israel,” said Baram.

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