Americans prefer a less polarized Holy Land. But they themselves are as polarized about it as ever. A new survey by the Pew Research Center—three years removed from when Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu led the political scene—reveals rising favorability ratings for Israel and Palestine, across nearly every segment of Americans. Most, however, still prefer […]

An armed man who said he wanted to kill U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was arrested near the justice’s home in Maryland early Wednesday morning, law enforcement authorities say. The man, who is from California, was dropped off near Kavanaugh’s home in a taxi before being detained by police. Law enforcement did not indicate […]

A church in upstate New York recently hosted drag queens at a worship service to celebrate LGBT Pride Month. The “Worship is a Drag” event at The Park Church in Elmira took place earlier this month and was billed as a “special communion worship service with guest presenters in drag.” The Park Church is affiliated […]

Polish President Andrzej Duda slammed the leaders of France and Germany over their phone calls with Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying it was like having talks with Adolf Hitler during World War Two, according to the German mass-selling daily Bild. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Macron have both held one-on-one phone calls with […]

New Orleans waitress Ava Guan, 45. | Screenshot/Fox 8 A New Orleans waitress who received a $777 tip from a customer shortly after praying to God to help her church repair their broken air conditioning system has donated the entire amount to her congregation. “This is not my money,” Ava Guan, the 45-year-old devout christian […]

Each day, our immune system successfully fends off infections that threaten our body and deal with cells whose activity has become abnormal. The immune system’s activity is usually very beneficial, but for some people, it sometimes mistakenly identifies healthy normal cells as foreign bodies.  In such cases, the mechanisms normally employed to fight off harmful […]

Amanda Blackburn in a 2006 photo. | (Photo: Facebook) A trial set for a 25-year-old man accused of the 2015 murder of Amanda Blackburn, the pregnant wife of Pastor Davey Blackburn, who led the now-defunct Resonate Church in Indianapolis, has ended in a mistrial for the second time after jurors learned details about the case. When […]

Most Christians have a negative impression of the word secularism. Can it be rescued from its association with antireligious animus? Michael F. Bird, a theologian teaching at Ridley College in Melbourne, Australia, attempts this balancing act in Religious Freedom in a Secular Age: A christian Case for Liberty, Equality, and Secular Government. Natasha Moore of […]

Nigeria—and a few other nations—are on alert. The US Department of State released its 2021 annual report on international religious freedom (IRF) last week, describing conditions in nearly 200 nations. Delivering remarks from the Benjamin Franklin room—where US ambassadors are sworn into service—Secretary of State Antony Blinken presented a litany of well-known offenders. China, he […]

Angel Studios, the faith-based, family-friendly streaming platform behind the hit series The Chosen, has raised $5 million in one week to enhance its streaming app. As reported by Just the News, the studio met the milestone on March 24 after vowing to raise the funds earlier this year. Angel Studios, which has produced several successful […]


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