A new study found that COVID-19 significantly impacted Americans’ religious perspectives.The percentage of adults with a biblical worldview dropped to 4 percent, Dr. George Barna, director of the Cultural Research Center, said of the American Worldview Inventory report.”It’s… much more extensive than we actually expected. Typically, you don’t find that religious beliefs change very much,” […]

As soon as the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) fired rockets from Gaza about two and a half weeks ago towards Sderot, as a sign of solidarity with the death of security prisoner Khader Adnan, the IDF’s OC Southern Command Col. Liron Batito was asked to pull out the secret attack plan: “Black Cloak” – a […]

Growing Pains actor, author and outspoken christian Kirk Cameron is gearing up to release his next children’s book, Pride Comes Before the Fall, next month.Cameron, who had been promoting his latest children’s book, As You Grow, at libraries, previewed his new book during an event at the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina, last […]

SURABAYA, Indonesia, May 18, 2023 (Morning Star News) – Authorities have reduced a blasphemy charge to one of mere “intrusion” for an official on western Indonesia’s Sumatra Island who broke up a worship service, sources said.Church leaders in Indonesia said such leniency would never be granted to a christian who broke up mosque prayers and appealed […]

Southern Baptist Convention presidential candidate Mike Stone says “one of the first things” he would do if elected SBC president is appoint a new sex abuse task force.According to ChurchLeader.com, Stone said the new task force would be “more biblical” than the current Abuse Reform Implementation Task Force.The new task force, he added, would “signal […]

An ancient Hebrew Bible dating back to the late ninth or early 10th century was sold for $38.1 million Wednesday afternoon.The book, titled The Codex Sassoon, is believed to be the “earliest, most complete copy of the Hebrew Bible,” according to Sotheby’s, a fine arts auction house.As reported by Religion News Service, Alfred H. Moses, […]

The U.S. State Department said in its annual report released this week that religious persecution has risen in nearly 200 countries.CBN News Senior Reporter Gary Lane, who extensively reports on christian persecution around the world, said he believes the violence will continue until people begin to ask how they can help.”The key is, how serious […]

Evangelist Franklin Graham joined actor Kirk Cameron over the weekend at a stop at the Billy Graham Library in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Cameron’s BRAVE Story Hour tour.According to Faithwire, the special event promoting Cameron’s faith-based children’s book As You Grow, which teaches on the fruits of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23), drew 1,000 people.Cameron released […]

Just over half of Palestinians still support a two-state solution as the answer to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, according to a survey conducted by Arab News in conjunction with the YouGov research company and published on Sunday.The survey, entitled “Prospect, Peace and Politics: Where do Palestinians Stand?” polled a total of 953 Palestinians living in the West […]

Christianity Today editor-in-chief Russell Moore told NBC Sunday that churches and families remain divided over Donald Trump. He also said he hopes another Republican candidate will step forward and “talk about the importance of character.””Evangelical Christianity emphasizes that the internal affects the external, and the fact that a person’s character in private, has everything to […]


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