The IDF clashed with Palestinians in Nablus and in the Nur Shams refugee camp near Tulkarm early Tuesday morning, according to Palestinian reports.Israeli forces conducted preparations to demolish the home of the Hamas terrorist behind the shooting attack in which Hallel and Yagel Yaniv were murdered in Huwara in February on Monday night in Nablus, […]

A Colombian flight attendant recently shared how pop superstar Justin Bieber led her to saving faith in Jesus Christ.In a recent episode of “The Becket Cook Show”, Victoria Mandylor spoke of her upbringing leading up to her conversion, CBN News reported.”Yeah, he planted a seed,” Mandylor said of Bieber. “He was another person that was put in […]

The Church of Scotland is preparing an official apology and a statement to acknowledge its involvement with historic chattel slavery.The Faith Impact Forum, on behalf of the church, has published a “Legacies of Slavery Report” examining its role in the transatlantic slave trade. The report looked at a 131-year period from the Act of Union in 1707 […]

A New York college professor has been fired after she threatened to “chop” up a New York Post reporter who went to her apartment to talk about a viral video of her shouting obscenities at student volunteers working at a pro-life display.As christian Headlines previously reported, Shellyne Rodriguez, who worked as an art professor at […]

JUBA, South Sudan, May 24, 2023 (Morning Star News) – Among attacks on church buildings and mosques in Sudan after fighting broke out within the Sudanese military last month, a priest and other Christians were reportedly shot and injured in at least one assault with apparent anti-christian motives.Unidentified gunmen attacked the Coptic Orthodox Church of Mar […]

South Carolina Republican Sen. Tim Scott has announced his 2024 presidential candidacy.Scott, 57, made the announcement this week at his alma mater, Charleston Southern University, in North Charleston, South Carolina. He said he filed the appropriate paperwork last week, Daily Wire reports.“Our nation, our values, and our people are strong. But our President is weak,” Scott […]

An Israeli Arab from Umm el-Fahm was arrested by the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and Israel Police after he was recruited by Hamas to conduct a bombing attack on a bus in the Hadera area, the agency announced on Wednesday.The suspect, identified as Muhammad Nadir Mahajna, was found to have been recruited by Hamas’s […]

A documentary spotlighting the rise and fall of former Hillsong pastor Carl Lentz debuted on Hulu Friday, alleging a “cultural problem” within the popular congregation and featuring the first interview with Lentz and his wife Laura.“My wife and my children – I failed at that,” Lentz says in Episode 2.The four-episode docuseries, The Secrets of […]

A wave of violence in Manipur, India, continues to run rampant, with 400 churches being burned and more than 70 Christians killed.According to The christian Post, the predominantly Hindu Meitei community — Arambai Tengoll, also known as “black-shirts,” and Meitei Leepun — were alleged to be responsible for the violence.Earlier this month, violence broke out at […]

Professional wrestler and devout christian ‘Superstar’ Billy Graham passed away Wednesday at 79 after battling a long illness.The wrestler’s real name was Eldridge Wayne Coleman.According to a video posted to Coleman’s Facebook page, the professional wrestler had been fighting multiple illnesses and had been in the hospital since December.World Wrestling Entertainment, in which Coleman had […]


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