Two men were searching for a fishing hole in Northwest, Indiana, spotted something shiny, and discovered a man stuck in a truck for 6 long days…Read More

I need to make a confession right up front. I’ve never smoked marijuana. I’ve never been drunk with alcohol. In fact, I’ve never used an illicit drug of any sort. I mention this because I’m quite sure that some will object to what I say in this article by insisting that I have no right […]

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Religious Liberty is warning of attacks on churches as “the largest threat to religious liberty in 2024” to the point where it threatens the lives of people of faith here…Read More

Christians must continue efforts to evangelize Muslims with the good news of Jesus Christ even as we work toward mutual understanding and acceptance. This requires a fair and accurate understanding of Islam as well as the ability to explain and defend christian truth claims…Read More

Check out this truly beautiful video of residents in an assisted living facility as they help raise a precious baby…Read More

The actor who portrays Jesus in the Bible-based sensation The Chosen says he hopes a new four-part Amazon Prime Video docuseries about him will encourage viewers to trust Christ in their day-to-day lives…Read More

I’m not some evil demon guy trying to destroy everybody’s values and stuff like that. That’s not me…Read More

Experts and leaders in the Middle East are growing increasingly concerned about a second war breaking out in Israel along the Lebanese border following a series of deadly clashes between the terrorist group Hezbollah and Israel’s military…Read More

Christianity has changed the world in so many significant ways, many of which we are probably not even aware of on a daily basis. In his new book “Unimaginable: What our World Would be Like without Christianity,” Dr. Jeremiah J. Johnston explores the ways in which Christianity has impacted the world for good and also […]

Teen Working At Kroger Jumps In To Help Elderly Man…Read More


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