According to new research from the Barna Group, most Christians and nearly 50 percent of the general population believe churches should be offering care and counseling to their communities. Most pastors, though, disagree.The research, which analyzed data collected in 2015, 2020 and 2022, looked at how pastors, Christians, non-Christians and the general U.S. adult population […]

Popular christian singer Blessing Offor is crediting God’s grace and is singing patriotic tunes after he received a green card that will allow him to stay in the United States and continue to use his talents there.Offor was born in Nigeria but has never returned. In May, he officially received his EB-1 visa, which is […]

NAIROBI, Kenya, May 30, 2023 (Morning Star News) – A Muslim upset with his wife’s conversion to Christianity in western Uganda denied her food and left her in a national park with wild animals, she said.Sharifa Muhando, 27, of Kasese town, said her husband beat her and kept her from food for a week after […]

Almost 100 United Methodist Church congregations in Louisiana officially disaffiliated from the denomination last weekend due to a longstanding debate over homosexuality.On Saturday, UMC’s Louisiana Annual Conference voted to approve the departure of the 95 congregations during a special session.The session was called “for the sole purpose of voting on the Louisiana Conference Board of […]

Target has lost more than $11 billion in market value since the start of a boycott over LGBT Pride merchandise that included trans pride items for children and items designed by a self-described Satanist.Prior to the controversy, Target’s stock closed at $160.96 a share, giving it a market capitalization of $74.3 billion, according to the […]

The IDF on Monday marked the 75th anniversary of the Israel Air Force’s first-ever airstrike.The attack was made during the War of Independence in 1948 by the 101 Squadron on the Ad Halom area near Ashdod.This airstrike was part of Operation Pleshet and was the maiden action of the nascent IAF.What was the IAF’s first-ever […]

According to a new report by the U.S. State Department, North Korea has carried out severe persecution against Christians, including one 2-year-old child who was sentenced to life in prison after his parents were caught with a Bible.The finding was revealed in the State Department’s recently released 2022 International Religious Freedom Report, which highlighted christian […]

SURABAYA, Indonesia, May 29, 2023 (Morning Star News) – Muslim mobs on May 19 stopped Christians from worship in two cities of Indonesia’s Sumatra Island, sources said.Muslims reportedly disrupted Christians as they worshipped in a café in a village in Binjai, 13 miles from Medan, capital of North Sumatra Province. In Riau, capital of Pekanbaru Province in southern […]

LAHORE, Pakistan, May 26, 2023 (Morning Star News) – A christian housecleaner in Pakistan was beaten and illegally confined for a week by her Muslim employers after she tried to leave her job due to pregnancy, she said.Asma Gulfam, a 28-year-old Catholic maid in the Paka Ghara area of Sialkot District, Punjab Province, said she […]

A New York college professor has been fired after she threatened to “chop” up a New York Post reporter who went to her apartment to talk about a viral video of her shouting obscenities at student volunteers working at a pro-life display.As christian Headlines previously reported, Shellyne Rodriguez, who worked as an art professor at […]


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