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About 83 churches in Iowa have left the United Methodist Church’s Iowa Annual Conference in light of the denomination’s continued debate over homosexuality.According to Christianity Daily, the departure represents 11 percent of the 750 conference churches across the state. During a Tuesday night Zoom meeting hosted by Bishop Kennetha Bigham-Tsai and other conference leaders, over 500 […]

An Indiana pastor is challenging ministers nationwide to sign a pledge to combat wokeness.Pastor Lucas Miles of Nfluence Church in Granger, Indiana, and the author of Woke Jesus: The False Messiah Destroying Christianity, told Fox News Digital that his goal was “to write – if I can say this humbly – the definitive guide to […]

According to The christian Post, the report – created for the Church’s General Assembly later this month – said the membership of the Church of Scotland in 2021 was 283,600. In the 1950s, that number was about 1.3 million; in 2000, that number was more than 600,000.Meanwhile, the number of ministers has also dropped to […]

Facing a backlash from customers, Target is pulling some of its LGBT Pride merchandise, including items from a controversial designer who is a self-proclaimed Satanist.The store told Reuters it was pulling merchandise to protect employee safety. Even so, it still offers more than 2,000 LGBT-themed products, including a children’s book called “Bye Bye, Binary,” Reuters […]

Aqabat Jaber has been the scene of repeated clashes between Israeli forces and Palestinians. Published: MAY 25, 2023 00:14 Updated: MAY 25, 2023 11:06 IDF soldiers operate in the West Bank. May 22, 2023 (photo credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON’S UNIT) Ten Palestinians were injured, including one in critical condition, after being shot during clashes with Israeli […]

A record-low percentage of Americans say they are certain that God exists, according to a major new survey that also found that a record-high percentage of Americans say they never go to church.The data is part of the General Social Survey, which has been conducted since 1972 and is considered the gold standard of surveys among […]

On Tuesday, May 23 – the 143rd day of the year – Musa Abu Musa, an Arab resident of Lod, was shot and killed in the early hours in Ramle. Musa became the 81st Arab-Israeli homicide victim this year – that’s one murder in the Arab sector every day and a half.And that only tells […]

A teenager in Alberta, Canada, who was recently arrested while handing out Bibles, argued that he will continue to share his faith in public.According to Faithwire, 16-year-old Josh Alexander was reportedly arrested last Wednesday following an altercation between him, his supporters, and a group of counter-protesters.“Today I was handcuffed and put in a paddy wagon […]

LAHORE, Pakistan, May 22, 2023 (Morning Star News) – Babar Sandhu Masih was resting after lunch on Thursday afternoon (May 18) when he heard a commotion outside his house in the Qurban Lines neighborhood of Lahore, Pakistan.Masih went outside to find his neighbor, policeman Zahid Sohail, beating his son and another christian boy. His son […]

A filmmaker who has been involved in some of the most popular faith-based movies says Hollywood is pouring more resources into christian films because of their success at the box office.Filmmaker Karl Horstmann produced 2017’s The Case for Christ – the story of Lee Strobel – and has helped make several recent films, including two released […]


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