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ABUJA, Nigeria, September 30, 2022 (Morning Star News) – Suspected Fulani herdsmen on Sunday (Sept. 25) killed two Christians in Plateau state, Nigeria after Islamic State terrorists allegedly killed two others in the city of Kano on Saturday (Sept. 24), sources said. In northern Nigeria’s Kano state, suspected members of the Islamic State West Africa […]

Speaking on the phone from an empty balcony in the Longacre Theater in New York, several hours before a preview performance of his latest play, Tom Stoppard said the show is “one that people like to talk to me about.” “Leopoldstadt,” which officially hits Broadway on Sunday after an award-winning London debut in 2019, follows […]

Students across the globe gathered around their schools’ flag poles to pray on Wednesday for the 33rd annual See You at the Pole event. The theme of this year’s student-organized movement was “Aflame,” which is in reference to Romans 12:11-12: “Never let the fire in your heart go out. Keep it alive … PRAY!” According […]

“When I was growing up, my mother, on our birthdays, would say, ‘I’m so glad you were born,’ and that was her message to us. So, one day, I was on air, and I said it, and all of the crew and my co-anchors started laughing on ‘Fox & Friends,’” Earhardt told The 700 Club. […]

After a long career pause brought on by an assault-induced depression and injuries, actor Brendan Fraser is back in the headlines, earning early Oscar buzz for his performance in the upcoming movie “The Whale.”  What some of even his most ardent fans might not realize is that one of Fraser’s earliest roles — alongside Matt […]

Cadets stand near their seats during a graduation ceremony at the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado. | CHET STRANGE/AFP via Getty Images The nation’s largest Catholic civil rights organization is criticizing the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) for what it calls a “problematic” fellowship offered only to students who belong […]

Russia’s Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov penned an op-ed in The National Interest magazine on Wednesday in which he called on the US and Western powers to stop threatening Russia’s territorial integrity and collaborating with Ukrainian armed forces – noting that the risk of nuclear conflict remains. “I would like to warn American military […]

This piece was adapted from Russell Moore’s newsletter. Subscribe here. Just as some North Americans are explicitly claiming the label of “christian nationalism,” the ideology is advancing around the world. The ongoing near merger of the Russian Orthodox Church with Vladimir Putin’s authoritarian government made headlines when the church’s patriarch declared that dying in Ukraine […]

Giorgia Meloni, who vowed to protect “God, family, and country,” has been elected Italy’s first female prime minister. Meloni, the leader of the Brothers of Italy party, is expected to lead the country as its next prime minister after her party won 26 percent of the vote in Italy’s general election on Sunday. According to […]

It’s time to get serious. With the November 1 election now just 34 days away, it is time for the Knesset and prime ministerial candidates, the political parties and the media to approach the upcoming balloting with the gravitas that it deserves. And this election deserves to be treated with gravitas, because if it is […]


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