‘He didn’t know?’ Netanyahu slammed for testimony on Meron disaster

Written by on July 21, 2022

Politicians and victims’ family members responded today to the testimony of former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu before the State Commission Investigation into the Meron disaster, during which he claimed that he was unaware of any safety problems.

In their remarks, coalition members slammed Netanyahu for refusing to take responsibility for a disaster that claimed the lives of 45 people.

Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman repeated Netanyahu’s quote that he “cannot accept responsibility for what he did not know,” and stung in response: “Like you did not know about the plight of IDF soldiers, the elderly, Holocaust survivors, the disabled, social workers and many others.”

“You did not know, you did not take care and we in one year gave them significant salary increases and grants that improved their quality of life. Bibi, keep not knowing and we will continue to worry and take care of issues,” Liberman said.

כמו שלא ידעת על המצוקות של חיילי צה״ל, של הקשישים, של ניצולי השואה, של הנכים, של העובדים הסוציאליים ושל רבים אחרים. אתה לא ידעת, אתה לא טיפלת ואנחנו בשנה אחת הענקנו להם תוספות שכר משמעותיות ומענקים ששיפרו את איכות חייהם. ביבי, תמשיך לא לדעת ואנחנו נמשיך לדאוג ולטפל. pic.twitter.com/TJEok7bdda

— אביגדור ליברמן (@AvigdorLiberman) July 21, 2022

Yesh Atid MK Vladimir Beliak said that “after Netanyahu’s embarrassing testimony today, there is no doubt that this man, with zero management skills, zero integrity and zero ability to take responsibility for anything – does not deserve to be at the helm of the country.”

“These choices are between the future and the past. This will illuminate Lapid in front of Netanyahu. We choose the future,” he wrote on Twitter.

אחרי עדותו המביכה של נתניהו היום אין שום ספק כי האיש הזה, עם אפס כישורי ניהול, אפס יושרה ואפס יכולת לקבל אחריות על משהו – לא ראוי לאחוז בהגה של המדינה.הבחירות הללו הם בין העתיד לבין העבר.זה @yairlapid מול נתניהו.אנחנו בוחרים בעתיד.

— MK Vladimir Beliak ולדימיר בליאק (@VladimirBeliak) July 21, 2022

Families of the victims

The families of the victims of the Meron disaster also had their say about Benjamin Netanyahu’s testimony.

“Throughout the years of Netanyahu’s tenure, all government ministries knew about the grave dangers on the mountain, but chose not to act, which led to this terrible disaster,” Israel Diskin, who lost his father in the disaster told Walla News.

“Netanyahu’s answers are unsatisfactory, and his claims that he was not aware that Mount Meron is an equally worrying ticking time bomb,” Diskin added.

“Netanyahu’s answers are unsatisfactory, and his claims that he was not aware that the Mount Meron is an equally worrying ticking time bomb.”

Israel Diskin

Shai Sarfati, who lost his father in the disaster, told Walla News that “Bibi, like his predecessors in the other committees, did not see, did not hear, did not know and distributed great grades to himself.”

“He said he was the only prime minister who did everything and took care of it, if this is the treatment then it is a great pity,” he lashed out at the former prime minister.

“It would have been better if instead of coming and handing out grades to himself, he would have shown a drop of responsibility for everything that happened. Other than saying how good he was, we didn’t much from him.”

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