Half of Israeli parents say they plan to give COVID vax to their kids

Written by on October 25, 2021

Nearly 50% of Israeli parents say they will vaccinate their five- to 11-year-olds if the US Food and Drug Administration approves the vaccine, according to a new survey by Meuhedet Health Services.

The survey, released on Monday – the day before FDA senior advisors are meant to hold a discussion on the matter – included 680 parents of children five to 11.

Specifically, the survey showed that 48% of parents are sure or think they will get their kids the jab, 23% will definitely not vaccinate their children and 29% are still undecided.

“Right now, when morbidity is not high, it is important to get children vaccinated as early as possible to prevent or reduce the next wave,” said Meuhedet Chief Nursing Officer Mali Kusha.

Among those who said they will not vaccinate their children, 37% said it is due to concerns that the vaccine could have negative health impacts on their kid in the long run. Some 18% said they feel they are lacking evidence on the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine. Also, 11% said they simply don’t want their child vaccinated, while 7% said they assume their child will catch the virus and then be naturally protected.

Kusha said that more than one-third of parents said they would consult with their pediatrician about vaccination and another 23% said they are waiting to read articles on the subject.

“We have no doubt that extensive information is required here both in the media and through pediatricians who have direct and continuous contact with families,” Kusha said.

The Meuhedet survey is one of a few surveys conducted in recent weeks ahead of the pending decision by the FDA.

 A WOMAN RECEIVES her third anti-COVID vaccination at a Clalit Health Fund center in Jerusalem.  (credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/THE JERUSALEM POST) A WOMAN RECEIVES her third anti-COVID vaccination at a Clalit Health Fund center in Jerusalem. (credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/THE JERUSALEM POST)

A survey completed at the beginning of this month by Bar-Ilan University found that the majority (57%) of Jewish Israeli parents of children five to11 will get their children vaccinated if the FDA approves the vaccine.

The survey was carried out by Dr. Liora Shmueli of the school’s Program for Public Health and Health Systems Management and included a representative sample of 894 of the country’s Jewish parents.

Some 27% of parents said they would vaccinate their kids within less than one month of the jab being available, and 27% said they would vaccinate within one to three months. The rest said that they would wait four months to more than a year, or that they would not vaccinate their children at all.

Briefing documents released over the weekend by FDA scientists indicated they are likely to approve the vaccine for this age cohort. In the documents, it said that the scientists believe the likely benefits of giving the Pfizer vaccine to young children outweigh the risks.

If the FDA votes favorably, the Centers for Disease Control will meet on November 2-3 to make its recommendations on how the shots should be administered. Israel is expected to follow and approve the shots a few weeks later.

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