Court denies appeal against early release of sex offender Alon Kastiel

Written by on July 18, 2022

The Nazareth Regional Court denied the prosecution’s appeal on Monday against releasing sex offender Alon Kastiel from prison early which means that Kastiel will be released more than a year before his sentence is completed despite protest from the complainants.

Kastiel was sentenced to 57 months (four years and nine months) in prison after he was convicted of four counts of sexual assault and attempted rape. His early release is based on a number of conditions including a ban on his entering Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan and Givatayim. He will only be allowed to enter Jaffa for therapy at specific hours.

“First off, we are aware of the great suffering and pain of the victims to this day and the great distress they are suffering from,” was written in the denial of the appeal. “There’s no doubt that the actions of the defendant continue to affect the lives of the victims and make their routine more difficult, and we understand their frustration at the feeling that his punishment was too light, so they feel that he should see the sentence through.

“However, the legislature did not exclude the applicability of the Probation Act to sex offenders.” The verdict went on to say that Kastiel was being released because he was seen as low risk of committing the same crimes again.

“Kastiel didn’t take responsibility, nor did he go through any rehabilitation,” Sari Golan, one of the victims, told Kan. “He could have done things differently, and he chose to abuse us to the end.”

Protesters outside the Talmon Prison where Real estate promoter Alon Kastiel is being early released. Kastiel had been charged with sexual harrassment and rape, after 12 complaints by different women. June 27, 2022. (credit: David Cohen/Flash90)

Israel’s Women’s Network reacts

“We are sorry about the court’s decision to allow relief on the punishment of the serial sex offender and not force the Parole Board to give real consideration to the victims,” said Lawyer Einat Fisher Lalow, CEO of Israel’s Women’s Network.

“Despite the regrettable decision, we are proud of the struggle that the brave complainants led in demanding that their voices be heard. They revealed that a deep change needs to be made in the way the Parole Board makes decisions.”

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