Rick “Mayday” May, the drummer for the christian band DC Talk and a soundman for the christian group MercyMe, passed away suddenly on Friday when a fungal infection in his lungs caused liver failure and additional complications. “Today we lost a legend,” May’s son, Conner, wrote on Instagram. “My dad, my life, my friend went […]

Parents were invited into the chapel at The Covenant School in Nashville on Monday morning, like they are every school-day morning. They sang and prayed with the roughly 200 elementary students and 40 or 50 staff at the Presbyterian Church in America school and listened as pastor Matthew Sullivan “raises it to another level,” as […]

Jeremy Foster is the founder and former leader of Hope City Church in Houston, Texas. | YouTube: Seacoast Church Despite his recent claim on social media that he apologized to his ex-wife and children for an affair that destroyed his marriage and ministry, Jeremy Foster, the founder of Hope City Church in Houston, Texas, remains unrepentant, […]

CP event tackles dangers of transgenderism, how the Church should respond From left to right: Panelists Jennifer Lahl of the Center for Bioethics & Culture; Mary Hasson, a lawyer with the Ethics & Public Policy Center; Dr. Andre Van Mol; and Amie Ichikawa of Woman II Woman speak with moderator Brandon Showalter, a social commentator […]

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Angel Studios’ upcoming faith-based film David has broken the crowdfunding record set by The Chosen and is now the largest audience-funded production in history, the studio said Thursday. The family-friendly animated movie, still in production, has raised $49 million with the goal of reaching its $60 million target by March 31, director Phil Cunningham said […]

Pastor John Lindell | Screenshot: James River Church A Missouri megachurch is facing criticism and demands for evidence after reporting an alleged miracle in which a woman’s amputated toes were said to have regrown after a prayer session. John Lindell, the pastor at James River Church in the Springfield area, claimed during a livestream last Wednesday […]

People in need are all around us, but instead of giving him a few bucks, one woman found a unique way to help a homeless man. Some problems are bigger and require a more detailed and nuanced solution than a few dollar bills. Throwing money at problems is not always the best solution. That’s what […]

Iowa’s Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds speaks about SF 538, a measure that bans gender transition procedures for minors, on March 22, 2023. | YouTube/We Are Iowa Local 5 News Iowa has become the latest state to ban chemical and surgical gender transitions for minors as concerns about the long-term impact of such interventions persist. The […]


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