Several times in the last 17 years Israel has fought wars where it “won” tactically, but achieved little or nothing in the longer-term strategic picture.Some of that comes from using the same playbook of blowing things or people up. If Israel uses the same playbook as in the past, why should it expect a different […]

When Israel carried out airstrikes on three Islamic Jihad commanders this week, it seemed that a large conflict was imminent. Israel had called the operation Shield and Arrow. When Israel gives an operation a name, it must be significant. In addition, years of tensions with Islamic Jihad have taught us that the group is a […]

Over Passover I was staying in northern Israel near Haifa. After a large meal the night of the holiday, the next day seemed destined to be a relaxing, quiet day.However, that was not what Hamas leader Ismael Haniyeh, who had flown into Beirut just before the Jewish holiday, had in mind. Instead, what is alleged […]


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