Palestinian terrorists murdered Meir Tamari, a 32-year-old Hermesh resident, in a shooting attack carried out near the northern West Bank settlement on Tuesday.Tamari was initially seriously wounded in the attack, Magen David Adom said as its paramedics treated him for gunshot wounds to his chest and shoulders, at the scene along with IDF medical personnel.He […]

The IDF clashed with Palestinians in Nablus and in the Nur Shams refugee camp near Tulkarm early Tuesday morning, according to Palestinian reports.Israeli forces conducted preparations to demolish the home of the Hamas terrorist behind the shooting attack in which Hallel and Yagel Yaniv were murdered in Huwara in February on Monday night in Nablus, […]

Palestinian activists have called for “thwarting” the Jerusalem Day Flag March, scheduled to take place in the city on Thursday. They warned that Jewish “extremists” were planning to use the march to “storm” al-Aqsa Mosque. The route of the march, however, does not include entry into the holy site.The activists said they are also opposed […]

An Israeli artillery strike targeted a site belonging to the Hezbollah terrorist movement near Quneitra in southwest Syria early Monday morning, according to Syrian reports.فيديو آخر للقصف الإسرائيلي بشمال محافظة القنيطرة من جهة أخرى #إسرائيل #سوريا— Nour Abo Hasan (@nourabohsn) April 23, 2023According to local reporter, Nour Abo Hassan, Israeli artillery targeted the […]


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