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As Israelis go to the polls for the fifth time in four years the region could greet these latest elections with a shrug. After all, more elections will probably come in another year. However, the current government of Yair Lapid and alternate Prime Minister Naftali Bennett made major strides in the region. Lapid, Bennett and […]

At issue is an incident that occurred while a number of activists were accompanying Palestinian shepherds herding their sheep. Published: OCTOBER 31, 2022 09:49 Updated: OCTOBER 31, 2022 10:05 IDF operates in West Bank as part of Operation Break the Wave, October 21, 2022 (photo credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON’S UNIT) The IDF has retracted its accusation […]

Rapper Kanye West suggested that a “Jewish doctor” wanted him to take medication that could have killed him, in a conversation with paparazzi last week. West, who now goes by “Ye,” claims that the doctor misdiagnosed him regarding his mental health issues. Ye has previously said that he has bipolar disorder. “If I was on […]

More than 300 Iranian journalists have demanded the release of two colleagues jailed for their coverage of Mahsa Amini, whose death in custody triggered protests posing one of the biggest challenges to ruling clerics in decades. Their call came in a statement published by the Iranian Etemad and other newspapers on Sunday. Niloofar Hamedi took […]

Israel must dispose itself of all nuclear weapons and place its nuclear sites under the International Atomic Energy Agency’s purview, the United Nations General Assembly’s First Committee stated in an initial 152-5 vote. The five nations that opposed Friday’s resolution on the “risk of nuclear proliferation in the Middle East” were: Canada, Israel, Micronesia, Palau […]

Eight months of war on the home front has taken a toll on soldiers in Ukraine. So, when given the opportunity to make the most of their time on patrol, this group of Ukrainian soldiers in the Donbas trenches of eastern Ukraine decided to prepare for the colder months ahead by building a sauna for […]

The US Department of Defense considers both Russia and China to be the most significant threats currently faced by the US, according to a congressionally-mandated report of the country’s national defense strategy, released earlier this week. Within the report, the DoD examined both the national Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) and the Missile Defense Review (MDR). […]

In the end, it comes down to how you view democracy: is it majority rule or is it a nuanced blend that includes protection of the minority and an array of inalienable rights? If you lean toward the former, then you might be delighted with a victory for the Right in Israel, next Tuesday. There […]

We are all exhausted. The State of Israel and its people are in a collective state of exhaustion, and there is a pervasive atmosphere of cynicism that I simply cannot ignore. Politicians are sending out unsolicited phone messages, billboards are once again filled with faces you may admire or despise, and most importantly, once again, […]

Israel has started working with Ukraine on intelligence, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Wednesday. Zelensky said that the cooperation between the countries was on a positive trajectory, in a press gaggle in Kyiv. “I’ll tell you honestly, I’m satisfied with the past few days,” he said, according to a statement from his office. “We […]


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