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Nine Palestinians in the Jenin refugee camp on Thursday were killed in an extended and massive three-hour-long battle with the IDF which was trying to thwart planned terror attacks as well as to capture at least three known Islamic Jihad terrorists. There were unconfirmed reports of additional Palestinian fatalities later in the day. The operation […]

While the recent sanctions imposed on the Palestinians by the new Israeli government are seen by some Palestinians as a disaster, others are optimistic and say the extremist government’s actions facilitate the Palestinian diplomatic efforts in the international community. The sanctions and other measures did not come as a complete surprise to the leaders of […]

IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kohavi, who retires next week, has notched considerable achievements both in and beyond the Palestinian front of the West Bank and Gaza. In Hamas-ruled Gaza, Kohavi leaves a temporary tactical deterrence in place that even he would likely acknowledge is unlikely to last more than a few more years […]

Gaza’s Health Ministry accused Israel on Thursday of delaying the entry of several X-ray machines needed to treat patients in the blockaded Palestinian territory. The ministry, run by the Gaza Strip’s ruling terrorist group Hamas, said requests in the past 14 months for eight different types of X-ray machines and spare parts to repair existing […]

Ahead of the release of the murderers of an IDF soldier and “longest-serving Palestinian prisoners in Israel” on Thursday, Interior and Health Minister Arye Deri sent an official request for Attorney-General Gali Baharav-Miara to apply to strip them of their Israeli citizenships on Tuesday night.  Deri said that, under the Citizenship Law, he was exercising […]

A resident of the Israeli-Arab city of Kafr Kassem in his 20s ran over and shot at four policemen, injuring three. Published: DECEMBER 23, 2022 07:32 Updated: DECEMBER 23, 2022 16:09 Police car at night (photo credit: POLICE SPOKESPERSON’S UNIT) Three police officers were lightly injured early Friday morning when an assailant from Kafr Kassem […]

Hanukkah, which started Sunday night, celebrates the Hasmonean victory over the Syrian-Greek Seleucids in the second century BCE; the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem; and how the one cruse of untainted oil lasted eight days to keep the menorah in the Temple alight. The central themes are Jewish survival and banishing darkness. It’s one […]

Iran’s central bank governor on Saturday partly blamed recent anti-government unrest for the fall of the Iranian currency to record lows, while authorities detained a prominent actress who had voiced support for protesters. The unrest, which poses one of the biggest challenges to theocratic rule in Iran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, also saw groups […]

The leader of the International christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ), Dr. Juergen Buehler, cautioned incoming prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday that Evangelical Christians are “a little bit concerned about some of the coalition partners that are coming into the government,” who have made negative statements about Christians in the past. “We hope that Mr. Netanyahu […]

The Shin Bet arrested a Hamas operative who was gathering intelligence for the terrorist organization within Israel under the guise of being a merchant. Hamas officials in the Gaza Strip employed him to carry out various missions within Israel, during which he held meetings to promote terrorist activity, as well as to gather intelligence about […]


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