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The Brandeis Center alleged that federal civil rights law was broken due to ‘special scrutiny’ that other non-Jewish groups are not subjected to. Published: DECEMBER 18, 2021 06:27 A man waves an Israeli flag during a rally against antisemitism, in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin in May. (photo credit: christian MANG / REUTERS) […]

The 120-million-year-old fossilized skeleton of a bird that lived during the time of the dinosaurs was unearthed by scientists from the University of Texas at Austin and the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology (IVPP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, who published their findings in the peer-reviewed Journal of Anatomy earlier this month. According […]

The Jerusalem Post Podcast with Yaakov Katz and Lahav Harkov Published: DECEMBER 17, 2021 07:26 United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan welcomes Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett upon his arrival in Abu Dhabi (photo credit: REUTERS) They continue and talk about Israel-US relations, specifically the obsession of the Biden administration […]

Leading physics magazine Physics World awarded the 2021 Breakthrough of the Year prize to Dr. Shlomi Kotler of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s Department of Applied Physics on Tuesday. Physics World magazine’s 2021 Breakthrough of the Year selected winners from nearly 600 published research articles that demonstrated “important work for scientific progress and/or the development […]

Italy has been the most popular potential tourist destination since the Omicron variant was discovered in South Africa last November and brought new restrictions and concerns on international travel, according to TripsGuard, a website that compiles all current COVID-related travel restrictions in any given country. According to TripsGuard, 22% of site traffic from Israel in […]

Currently in Israel, calling for emergency services can cause a lot of confusion. If a person would like to receive emergency assistance there are separate numbers for the police, for the Magen David Adom ambulance service, for the Fire Department, for the electric company, for city services in most places, and for United Hatzalah. During […]

In this special edition of the Jerusalem Post Podcast – Health & Wellness Edition, Senior Health Analyst Maayan Hoffman and Health Reporter Rossella Tercatin conduct a fascinating interview with Michael Shpigelmacher CEO of Bionaut Labs, an Israeli-American start-up that designs remote-controlled micro-robots revolutionizing the treatment of central nervous system disorders, targeting deep brain structures safely […]

Europe’s two kosher foie gras factories aren’t in France, by far the leading consumer of the fatty liver product. Nor are they in England, home to Europe’s second-largest Jewish population. Instead, they are both in Hungary — where there are few Jews and no more than half a dozen kosher eateries in total. Part of the […]

A British lawmaker has come under fire for comparing Nazi Germany to plans to roll out COVID-19 vaccine mandates in some capacity in the United Kingdom, UK media reported. MP Marcus Fysh, of the Conservative Party, is an outspoken opponent of vaccine mandates, though maintains he is not anti-vaccine.  The vaccine mandate in question is […]

Nearly four years after Saudi Arabia’s first movie theater in more than 35 years opened in April 2018, the kingdom’s first film festival is underway in Jeddah. For more stories from The Media Line go to The 10-day Red Sea International Film Festival is hosting stars, talents and film industry professionals from all over […]


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