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Footage from fighting in Gaza overnight between Thursday and Friday included claims on social media that Hamas has used various air defense systems against Israel.This would appear to represent an escalation by the terrorist group and show that it is trying to acquire more advanced defenses for the small area it operates.  Israel’s IDF said […]

Two Israelis from Efrat were murdered and one was seriously wounded in a shooting attack near Hamra in the Jordan Valley on Friday morning.The wounded woman was transferred to Hadassah Medical Center in critical condition. The incident was initially reported as a traffic accident, but an initial investigation found that Palestinians fired at the vehicle, […]

The rocket attacks from Lebanon and the Israeli response illustrate that the maritime deal signed with Beirut last year has not reduced the chance of conflict.The current violence apparently shows the limitation of the deal in which peace, security and stability were supposed to be some of the benefits, as well as the supposed deterrence […]

A group of Palestinians threw stones toward the Mughrabi Gate on the Western Wall and chanted inciting slogans at al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem on Friday morning, shortly after the dawn prayers at the site.According to Israel Police, one of the stones almost hit a Muslim woman walking in the area and she fell over due […]

The IDF struck sites belonging to the Hamas terrorist movement in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon early Friday morning after dozens of rockets were fired towards Israel in recent days and as dozens more were fired overnight from Gaza.In southern Lebanon, three targets belonging to the Hamas movement were hit. According to Lebanese reports, the […]

An IDF soldier was injured in a shooting attack on Thursday evening near Jerusalem, according to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit. The incident took place at Kikar Adam, an interchange in the West Bank that connects Highway 60 to Route 437.United Hatzalah volunteers treated the man at the scene, according to a Halzalah statement. United Hatzalah volunteer EMT […]

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Israeli forces were reinforced in the area of Jaba on Thursday morning following riots that broke out in response to the killings. Published: MARCH 9, 2023 07:07 Updated: MARCH 9, 2023 09:20 People look at a damaged car where three Palestinian militants were killed during an Israeli operation, near Jenin, in the West Bank, March […]

The settler riots that swept Huwara on Sunday are a “declaration of war” and cross all red lines, warned Hamas political bureau official Suhai al-Hindi on Tuesday. “The results of the Aqaba Summit are more killing, blood, and destruction for our Palestinian people, and what Nablus witnessed was a joint attack, as the occupation soldiers […]

The High Court of Justice threatened Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that it would force him to evacuate the small illegal West Bank herding village of Khan al-Ahmar unless the state submitted a clear plan for the hamlet by April 2. It set a May 2 hearing, prior to issuing a ruling on a 2019 petition […]


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