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The victim, a 26-year-old man, was chased down by two individuals who struck him with what police described as an “unknown object,” resulting in a laceration to his head. Published: JANUARY 7, 2022 11:30 New York City police officers block hassidic men from entering a synagogue, closed due to COVID-19, in Brooklyn, in March 2020. […]

The United States and Japan on Friday voiced strong concern about China’s growing might in unambiguous terms and pledged to work together against attempts to destabilize the region. The comments from the two allies, in a joint statement that followed a virtual meeting of their foreign and defense ministers, highlight how deepening alarm about China […]

Do Israelis want their country to become a dictatorship? A comprehensive annual study by the Israel Democracy Institute found that the answer may be yes. The Israel Democracy Index, which was presented on Thursday morning to President Isaac Herzog, found that 57% of Israelis want “a strong leader who will not consider the Knesset, the […]

Settlers in Homesh are “subhuman,” charged Deputy Economy Minister and Meretz MK Yair Golan, sparking the political ire of the Right which accused him of blood libel, antisemitism and called for his ousting on Thursday morning. ״These are not people, these are subhumans, they are despicable,” Golan said during an interview on the Knesset Channel. […]

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s governing coalition succeeded on Wednesday in passing into law the controversial electricity bill, which would allow tens of thousands of illegally built Arab homes to be hooked up to electricity, water, and telephone lines. The final vote passed 61 to 0 after the opposition boycotted the vote in order to protest […]

Around 6.6% of the 190,000 PCR tests processed on Tuesday returned a positive result, as the country continued to register problems of severe overcrowding at its testing stations. Published: JANUARY 5, 2022 09:36 Updated: JANUARY 5, 2022 11:10 Shaare Zedek hospital team members wearing safety gear work in the Coronavirus ward of Shaare Zedek hospital […]

Ancient Israelites living in Jerusalem at the time of the First Temple suffered from infectious diseases caused by intestinal parasites, a study conducted by Tel Aviv University and the Antiquities Authority (IAA) on a 2,700-year-old toilet has revealed. The toilet was recently uncovered in the remains of a luxurious palace offering a spectacular view over […]

Long seeking to avoid the consequences of our choices, humans have searched for the perfect hangover cure for centuries. From traditional remedies such as ginger shots to new-age supplements, we have longed for the ideal treatment for debilitating hangovers since the beginning of time. From the ancient Assyrians who consumed a mixture of grounded up […]

Israeli defense company Elbit Systems announced that its subsidiary in the United Arab Emirates was awarded a contract to supply airborne defense systems for the UAE Air Force tanker aircraft. The contract, worth approximately $53 million, will see the subsidy Elbit Systems Emirates to supply Direct Infrared Countermeasures (“DIRCM”) and airborne Electronic Warfare (“EW”) systems […]

I guess these things don’t surprise me anymore. Maybe I’ve lost all faith in humanity. But for a while now, the words “surprise” and “shock” no longer accurately describe how I feel when I hear about another powerful person being accused of sexual assault. Here’s a word: “Horror.” Horror at the crimes committed against, all […]


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