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Taliban security forces killed six Islamic State members in an overnight operation in the Afghan capital, Kabul, a spokesman for the ruling group’s administration said on Saturday. The Islamic State members killed in the raid on their hideout were involved in two major attacks in recent weeks, one on a city mosque and the other […]

BUCHAREST — Stepping inside Romania’s Fabric Synagogue in real life would be a dangerous proposition: Closed since 1986, the ornate 1899 structure in the heart of the city of Timisoara is crumbling inside. Online is a different story. There, visitors to the Fabric Synagogue can look up at the domed cupola, its stained glass still intact […]

Political arguments are part of the Israeli experience. It’s hard to keep up as the ballots are flying. With a fifth round of elections in less than four years coming up on November 1, there is not much that is agreed on by all.  United on Jerusalem Perhaps the one subject Israeli Jews do not […]

The holidays are over, all the meals are behind us and we’re ready to return to our routines. This is also the time when we start to think about fad diets.  We think, “Maybe I’ll make an extreme move just for a few weeks.” If these thoughts come to you, think again. Fast diets work […]

IAA researchers discovered an inscription bearing the name and family emblem of a Swiss noble who made a pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 1466. Published: OCTOBER 20, 2022 09:25 An inscription bearing the name of Swiss noble Adrian von Bubenberg, discovered in King David’s Tomb in Jerusalem (photo credit: SHAI HALEVI / ISRAEL ANTIQUITIES AUTHORITY) A […]

Jihadist groups currently have a broad presence in Latin America, where they find benefits that are crucial to their survival and operations, according to John Marulanda, author of the book Yihad en Latinoamérica (Jihad in Latin America). For more stories from The Media Line go to Marulanda is a defense and security consultant for […]

Under a haze of early morning cigarette smoke, two Jewish men from Ukrainian cities in areas occupied by Russia were discussing how much they miss their parents. Neither had seen them for months and in the brief exchanges that they have had with them, they could only say so much without fear of putting them […]

In February of 1942, Vorpostenboot V-1302 of the German Kriegsmarine sank to the bottom of the Belgian North Sea. It lies there to this day, with a large hole in the port side.  “People often forget that below the sea surface, we, humans, have already made quite an impact on the local animals, microbes, and […]

Fueled by environmental conditions that beget increasingly severe storms – with climate change as a root contributor – the US Atlantic Coast is becoming a breeding ground for rapidly intensifying hurricanes, a new study found. The Department of Energy study, published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Geophysical Research Letters, found that hurricanes are growing wetter […]

Ukraine has created an application for mobile devices that will help air defense units supplement radar information about an air target to better the chances of taking it down, according to Ukraine’s Strategic Communications Department. “The Android version of the “ePPO” application is already available to download. Now every citizen of Ukraine can join the […]


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