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Speaking on the phone from an empty balcony in the Longacre Theater in New York, several hours before a preview performance of his latest play, Tom Stoppard said the show is “one that people like to talk to me about.” “Leopoldstadt,” which officially hits Broadway on Sunday after an award-winning London debut in 2019, follows […]

David Gottesman, who carried on a family tradition of Jewish philanthropy while also becoming one of the most successful investors in the United States, died at 96 on Wednesday. Gottesman’s involvement in finance and Jewish causes began with his birth, to Benjamin and Esther Gottesman, in 1926. Benjamin Gottesman was a banker who had already […]

After a long career pause brought on by an assault-induced depression and injuries, actor Brendan Fraser is back in the headlines, earning early Oscar buzz for his performance in the upcoming movie “The Whale.”  What some of even his most ardent fans might not realize is that one of Fraser’s earliest roles — alongside Matt […]

Russia’s Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov penned an op-ed in The National Interest magazine on Wednesday in which he called on the US and Western powers to stop threatening Russia’s territorial integrity and collaborating with Ukrainian armed forces – noting that the risk of nuclear conflict remains. “I would like to warn American military […]

It’s time to get serious. With the November 1 election now just 34 days away, it is time for the Knesset and prime ministerial candidates, the political parties and the media to approach the upcoming balloting with the gravitas that it deserves. And this election deserves to be treated with gravitas, because if it is […]

As marijuana becomes widely legalized for medical use, hopes have been raised that the wider availability of legal cannabis would help ease the opioid overdose epidemic.  Now, science backs up this theory. A new study of thousands of patients, published in the peer-reviewed journal Substance Use and Misuse, found that people reported being in less […]

An informed source in Banque du Liban, Lebanon’s central bank, told The Media Line that more than $18 billion belonging to Iraqi politicians, the Iraqi government, and the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq have “evaporated” due to the banking crisis in Lebanon. For more stories from The Media Line go to The source, who […]

An ancient anchor, now thought to be from the Roman or the late Iron Age, first discovered in the North Sea in 2018, has recently been dated and determined to be an extremely rare find.  The anchor was uncovered as part of a marine bed survey by ScottishPower Renewables before construction of its offshore windfarm, […]

Russian-organized referendums that could lead to annexing 15% of Ukraine’s territory were due to end on Tuesday as the Kremlin said it made no decisions on closing its borders as the first mobilization since World War Two prompted some to flee. Voting in the Ukrainian provinces of Luhansk, Donetsk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia in the east […]

Flying can be a stressful thing to do for a passenger, from getting to the airport in time to going through security and TSA all the way to running to your gate so that you don’t miss your flight. Flight attendant Cierra Mistt, @cierra_mistt, posted travel tips and tricks that she has learned over time […]


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