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A new study out of the University of Saskatchewan (USask) sheds new light on life in the city of Ur, an ancient Sumerian city located in modern-day southern Iraq. Specifically, the study – published in the journal PLOS One – examined cattle tooth enamel and compared the chemical reality to the written descriptions of ancient […]

In Parashat Korach, we read about the rebellion led by Korach, a respected member of the nation, against Moses and Aaron. Among those in the opposition he led were Datan and Aviram, two known troublemakers even back in Egypt, as well as 250 other respected leaders. It was a jumble of interests – Korach wanted […]

The Knesset approved MK Zvi Hauser’s (New Hope) proposal that the Knesset adopt the IHRA definition for antisemitism (International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance), by doing so, the Knesset joins more than a thousand governments, parliaments, bodies and organizations around the world that have already adopted the definition. The proposal was passed Wednesday night by a majority […]

Ukraine is expected on Thursday to hold a preliminary hearing in its first trial of a Russian soldier charged with raping a Ukrainian woman during Russia’s invasion, the first of what could be dozens of such cases. The suspect, Mikhail Romanov, 32, who is not in Ukrainian custody and will be tried in absentia, is […]

The bill to dissolve the 24th Knesset passed the preliminary vote on Wednesday morning, with 110 MKs voting in favor of the bill. The MKs will actually vote on 11 different proposals, nine by the opposition and two by the coalition, that were brought to the floor together in a parliamentary process known as “hatzmada” […]

The security budget approved the plan for the new barrier after a string of terror attacks earlier this year that claimed the lives of 21 people. Published: JUNE 22, 2022 10:58 Construction is underway on Israel’s new security barrier in northern Samaria (photo credit: DEFENSE MINISTRY) The construction of a 45 km. long security barrier […]

Coalition whip MK Boaz Toporovsky (Yesh Atid) and New Hope faction leader MK Sharren Haskel met with the Knesset Speaker’s Committee on Tuesday morning in order to ensure that the proposal to dissolve the Knesset will be inserted into Wednesday’s plenum schedule. The Likud bill for the Knesset’s dissolution brought forward by MK Shlomo Karhi […]

Following the announcement on Monday evening that Bennett and Lapid will bring forward a bill to dissolve the Knesset next week, an election poll posted on Tuesday morning by 103FM predicts another election campaign that will end without any of the blocs having the ability to form a stable government supported by at least 61MKs. […]

A series of reforms for disabled IDF veterans put forth by Defense Minister Benny Gantz and Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman was approved on Sunday morning by the Knesset. The reforms are aimed at making it easier for disabled IDF veterans to get the aid they need. As part of the reform, the veterans will receive […]

Israel is seeking to allow residents of the South to live a quiet life while preventing Hamas from growing stronger in Gaza, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said at the opening of Sunday’s cabinet meeting. “Unlike in the past, we are not making excuses for the terrorists,” Bennett said. “We’re not calling them rebels [against Hamas] […]


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