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Kelly Defina/AFL Media/Getty Images The West Virginia Attorney General had asked the United States Supreme Court to lift a lower court ruling blocking a law banning boys from competing on girls’ sports teams.  In a motion filed with the Supreme Court submitted on March 9, West Virginia’s Republican Attorney General Patrick Morrisey and attorneys with […]

This is the first article in the Engaging Buddhism series, which will explore different facets of Buddhism and how Christians can engage with and minister to Buddhists. Churches dot Linwood, a predominantly Black neighborhood in Columbus, Ohio. Yet drive down a quiet road past Holy Spirit Church of Columbus and Christ Centered Apostolic Church and […]

Last week, Russell Moore interviewed the recently retired pastor Rick Warren—author of The Purpose Driven Life—on his show. They discussed his pastoral transition and plans for the future, as well as the disfellowshipping of Saddleback Church from the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) for hiring a female teaching pastor on its staff. As the planter and […]

This piece was adapted from Russell Moore’s newsletter. Subscribe here. “Why are we on defense,” one frustrated culture warrior asked me, referring to some religious freedom issue, “when we should be on offense?” As I’ve written elsewhere, I find this metaphor telling. It assumes that what really matters is the church’s state rather than its […]

President Joe Biden recently called state laws banning gender transition surgeries for minors “cruel” and “close to sinful.” During a Monday night interview on The Daily Show, Biden addressed law restricting procedures for trans-identified minors in states such as Florida. “I mean, it’s just terrible what they are doing. It’s not like a kid wakes up one morning […]

Saddleback Church lead pastor Andy Wood has released a promised video explaining why the church believes women can hold pastoral roles. The video comes after the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) decided that the denomination’s largest church was no longer “in friendly cooperation with the Convention.” As christian Headlines previously reported, Wood’s wife, Stacie, serves as a […]

Pro-abortion students Ian Dinkla (left) and Bryn Taylor (right) are arrested following a scuffle that ensued when a plainclothes detective confronted Dinkla for stealing the pro-life group Created Equal’s anti-abortion display. | Screenshot: Facebook/Created Equal Two students at the University of Florida have been arrested and charged with felonies after assaulting police and violently resisting […]

Kevin Kirchen | Courtesy Kevin Kirchen A former male stripper and porn star who has since been ordained as a pastor after the voice of God stopped him from killing himself has opened up about his walk with Christ. For nearly two decades, Kevin Kirchen, 58, said he engaged in frequent conversations with the devil […]

There is no sport whose origins are as deeply entwined with Christianity as basketball. Created in 1891 by James Naismith while he was studying at the YMCA’s International Training School, the game is a product of the “muscular Christianity” movement that sought to connect church and sports at the turn of the 20th century. As […]

When asked about their views of the country’s biggest religious groups, most Americans don’t have strong feelings either way—except when it comes to evangelical Christians. In a Pew Research Center report released Wednesday, 27 percent of Americans expressed an unfavorable view of evangelicals, compared to 10 percent who have a negative view of mainline Protestants […]


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