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Woman called 911 to report a man ‘would not let her leave’ and ‘was possibly on drugs’ Christopher Hensley, 35, died tragically in police custody on June 15, 2022. | Screenshot: YouTube/Joe Hamblen North Carolina authorities are investigating the death of Christopher Hensley, a 35-year-old former youth pastor and father who died in police custody […]

Debris is scattered across the office of the Wisconsin Family Action headquarters, which was attacked with two Molotov cocktails and graffiti following the leaking of a draft opinion of a U.S. Supreme Court case that could overturn Roe v. Wade. | Twitter/AlexanderShur The FBI is investigating the recent attacks and vandalism of pro-life pregnancy centers […]

The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that a Maine policy covering tuition for private schools but not religious schools violates the First Amendment. Maine offers the tuition assistance in rural districts that do not have public schools. The challenge involved two private christian schools, Bangor christian Schools and Temple Academy, which didn’t meet the state’s “nonsectarian” […]

It was 2:30 in the morning on February 24 when Maksym Maliuta finally fell asleep. That night, he had been arguing with his college classmates, who dismissed warnings of a Russian invasion of Ukraine as “Western media panic.” No, Maksym insisted, the signs were all there: Vladimir Putin was building up to a massive military […]

A new study found that about one-quarter of abortion clinics in the country would close if the Supreme Court decides to overturn Roe v. Wade. The study only looked at clinics that publicly advertise abortion services, and the ANSIRH’s database included a range of facilities, including doctor’s offices, public health centers and hospital settings. The […]

According to a new poll, Americans would like to see a fresh face in the White House and not the return of former President Donald Trump or a second term for President Joe Biden. The Yahoo/YouGov poll showed that some 64 percent of respondents feel Biden should not run for reelection in 2024. About 21 […]

A wooden cross stands among the ruins of a fire that destroyed the Balsora Baptist Church in Wise County, Texas. | Balsora Baptist Church A fire that broke out Friday burned down a historic Texas church and consumed nearly everything but a wooden cross, which a pastor sees as a sign that God is watching […]

Calvary Lutheran Church in Reading, Pennsylvania. | Screenshot: Google Maps A Pennsylvania church that wanted to see “greater punishment” for a former treasurer who pleaded guilty to stealing nearly $400,000 from their coffers is now grieving after she was sentenced to just 10 years of probation for her crime. The former treasurer, Melanie Lee Kummerer, […]

On June 19, 1865, the Union Army arrived in Galveston, Texas, to inform enslaved Black Americans that the Civil War was over and slavery had been abolished. They were free. President Abraham Lincoln had actually announced his Emancipation Proclamation two years earlier, on January 1, 1863. But for a variety of reasons, the more than […]

The aftermath of the scandal that shook John Crist’s career has become part of his comedy, turning his lessons learned into new material and his experience with “cancel culture” into a punch line. This month, the popular christian comedian released a full-length special on YouTube and announced a book due out in October. His debut […]


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