Building evacuated in Holon collapses

Written by on September 12, 2021

Some 16 families were removed from a building in Holon after an explosion was heard and cracks were discovered in the building.

 Collapsed building in Holon (photo credit: FIRE AND RESCUE SERVICE)

Collapsed building in Holon


A building in Holon collapsed on Sunday morning a day after Israel Fire and Rescue Services evacuated 16 families from it on Saturday morning due to concerns that it could collapse. The evacuation was completed after reports were made that an explosion was heard in the building which is on Holon’s Serlin Street.

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When Fire and Rescue teams arrived at the scene on Saturday, they saw that cracks had formed in the building. Some residents who tried to leave their homes reported that they could not open doors, because the shape of the building was altered, Israel Police reported.

Rescue teams worked to extract residents, who were told they could not return to the building. The street adjacent to the building was also closed off by police.

An engineer for the municipality inspected the building and supported the decision to evacuate residents, saying there is a definite risk of the building collapsing. 

A senior engineer from Holon’s Municipality confirmed that there is a real risk of the building collapsing and the residents were instructed to stay away from the building for a few days.

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